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Good news and bad news. Bad news it, it’ll be one more day before I get Wreck it Ralph. Good news…I got the Hobbit. 

Not a bad trade if you ask me.

Some Writers are just Cutie Patooties.

I’m lookin’ at you Neil Gaiman.

AND you Avi.

And you Chuck Palahniuk.

And you Lemony Snicket.

And you Derek Landy.

You could be cuter J.K. Rowling, But after Casual Vacancy, eh, you’re just a sweetie pop.

Suzanne Collins, we should talk. Not about Hunger Games. About Gregor the Overlander~


Welcome to the fyeahrubyandnanquest blog’s first ever giveaway to commemorate reaching one of our first milestones at 500+ followers!

We really appreciate it everyone! And we hope that you continue to enjoy this blog!


-First Place

-A custom handmade plush of any Ruby/NanQuest character of your choosing (excluding Ace, the Padre, and the Pilgrim) made by our founder, with an example seen above.

-2 handmade traditional bookmarks depicting any Ruby/NanQuest characters of your choosing (they can even be two parts of a whole or something even, whatever you want!) done in ink on thick Bristol paper. (2’ wide and 6’ tall) These will be done by myself and I have provided two pieces I’ve done as a reference, the one on the right is done in ink and the one done on the left is digital but much more recent. If you want more examples you can check out more of my art here.

-Second Place

-Again, 2 handmade traditional bookmarks depicting any Ruby/NanQuest characters of your choosing.

-Third Place

-2 fanart requests depicting any Ruby/NanQuest character of your choosing by our founder, you can find examples of her art here.

**EDIT: Each winner will also receive a custom Ruby/NanQuest panel of their choice drawn by Weaver!


-Likes and reblogs count.

-You can reblog as many times as you want, but think of your followers!

-No giveaway/side blogs, we will be checking!

-And we would prefer that you be following this blog, since you know, the whole reason there even is a giveaway is because of our followers. Plus if you’re a Ruby/NanQuest fan then I’m sure that you would enjoy this blog anyway!

-Giveaway ends on February 28.

-Winners will be posted on the blog and notified in their askbox (so make sure it’s open!) and will have one week to reply before another winner is chosen.

-Also winners must be comfortable providing their mailing address so we can make sure that you actually receive your prize.

-Also this giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you live, but we will only guarantee paying for shipping if you live in the US/Canada. If you win and live outside of this area you may have to pay for the shipping yourself, but we are willing to discuss this with you and possibly help cover some of it. Just keep this in mind in case you win.



Every winner will now also receive a custom Ruby/NanQuest panel of their choice drawn by Weaver!

Ruby get into my arms~


I might actually be crying I’m laughing so hard

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“As for my kingdom, such a thing was never meant to last. Which is why when the time comes, I will come for yours.”


Go forth


Go forth

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Here’s a pretty fun challenge for you guys!

Go to this site and generate a single random Pokemon.

Now try to come up with at least three different character designs for that pokemon, no matter what you get. (Yes, even if you get Klink. That’s what makes it a challenge!)

This is an nice exercise to improve your design skills, but is also especially useful for PMD-E! Being such a big group, you often bump into a lot of Pokemon of the same species, and sometimes accessories/colors aren’t enough to tell them apart. Being able to put a lot of variation into characters is a great way to prevent that from happening.

That and it’s really fun.

oh my fucking god this is great

Sort of reminds me of Shoeless’ work. I’d say go check him out if you like this stuff, the way he characterizes pokemon is brilliant!

Shoeless is a huge inspiration of mine, yeah! I love his pokemon design challenge stuff, I’m a huge fan.

(Don’t forget to tag #pokedesign if you do this thing!)

Ay yo everyone should do this because it is an idea that owns.

guess my saturday night is booked now

So doing this as soon as I can omg.

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Easy caramel apples

My boyfriend asked if we could make caramel apples sometime soon. Reblogging to save it for later.

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