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First Mallo

Cakeshark with a cake shark.

Cakeshark with a cake shark.

My first time drawing /co/lette

i have tons of pictures

So today I arted before sleeping. Tried some new stuff. I like it

So Like last week I was talking with friends about how I like Tom Preston. I think he’s ADORABLE. Deal. I can’t help but think of him as an uguu-rific anything….So I drew a comic of what would happen if totally awkward me met Mr.Preston…MY MIND.

Tablet’s dead. Reposts until I get a new one. I’ll give it a proper burial. So like I won’t be updating any of my tumblrs, which include this one, inapropro, and my pony tumblr. 

Animal Corner 11-20

To answer some questions, Animal Corner was a thread I did on /v/ after getting super sad about not having animal crossing 3ds….and the result was Twinkle toes in Rapeville

Some art that I don’t think I’ve posted